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Admission Process for Local Students
Stage 1: Pre-Course Counselling

All prospective students are encouraged to contact our BITC Administrative Staff or BITC appointed agents for a pre-course counselling session if they would like to enrol for a course with BITC.

  • If the student has any specific enquiry on the in-depth details of the course, then they will be guided by our BITC Chef Instructors and garner further advice from the Principal of the college on case to case basis.

For any kind of assistance on admission matters, please contact our BITC Administration Office at

The selection exercise is carried out only by BITC staff and not by the Recruitment agent. Recruitment Agents shall not be involved in the selection process, instead shall submit all completed applications to BITC for review, selection, and approval.

Stage 2: Application Submission
Please complete the BITC Registration Form accompanied with the following supporting documents:

Recent “two” (2) colour passport-sized photographs of applicant Applicant’s Photocopy of  NRIC / Passport (photocopy of both sides, Stamp of Certified True Copies) Applicant’s Certified True Copies of Academic Transcripts (e.g. “N” and/or “O” level results slip) Please send the completed forms, supporting documents and registration fees to the following address or visit us in person:

BITC Administration Office
Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd (BITC)
Block 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, #02-15 Connection One, Tower 4, Singapore 150167
Stage 3: Application Review and Approval/Rejection 

BITC will process and evaluate all Applications upon which acceptance is subjected to approval by the Principal / Academic Board.

Students who does not meet the entry requirements of course are subjected go through Interview with the Academic Board members or Principal of BITC and are recommended to fill Course enrolment (Interview) form. Upon which Academic Board decides on the admission of the student on case to case basis-
Student completes the BITC - Course enrolment (Interview) form (If Required)
Upon successful evaluation of the Application, student will receive an official “Letter of Offer” by BITC.
Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified by our Administrative Staff / BITC Recruitment Agents
Cancellation Policy: Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel, combine or dissolve any courses and rejects any enrolments and also the rights to substitute course chef-instructors when necessary.
Stage 4: Acceptance of Offer
Applicants who wish to proceed with their Registration will have to comply with the following steps before the Commencement of their course:
Non-refundable Registration fee of SG$107.00 (including GST)
Registration Fees can be made payable via cash or cheque made payable to “Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd.” or to the following account:
Account Details
Bank Account Name: Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd
Name of the Bank : OCBC Bank
Bank Address: 65 Chulia Street #01-00, OCBC Center, Singapore 049513
Bank code: 7339
Branch code: 687
Bank Account No: 687-387514-001
Swift Address / Code : OCBCSGSG
Please remember to write your name, NRIC/passport number and contact number behind the cheque.
Sign the Letter of Acceptance
Understand  and Sign the Advisory Note to Students (Form 12)
Upon successful application / Approval all students are required to enter into a PEI-Learner Contract that is legally binding between BITC and the students.
Please Find the Link of Sample Student Contract:
Understand  and Sign the Standard PEI Student Contract
Please read the content of the Student Contract carefully before signing. Keep one copy of the contract for your retention and please provide us with one copy.
Be aware of the Terms & Conditions of the Refund, Withdrawal and Transfer policies as stated in the Standard PEI Student Contract and other related Information informed and briefed in Student Enrolment Pre-Course Counselling Checklist Form
Make payment of fees which includes Course fees and miscellaneous fees (if required).
The Medical Insurance Provider is immediately informed to provide cover for the new student.
  • Please read the content of the Student Contract carefully before signing. Keep one copy of the contract for your retention and please provide us with one copy. 
BITC Medical Insurance Coverage
  • BITC has in place a Medical Insurance Scheme for all its students as required by CPE under Edu Trust Certification Scheme. BITC appointed Medical Insurance provider is AXA INSURANCE SINGAPORE PTE LTD.
  • A SC/PR or a non-Student’s Pass international student who is protected by his own medical insurance coverage in Singapore can opt out from the medical insurance scheme arranged for by BITC.
BITC Fee Protection Scheme
  • BITC has in place a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) as stipulated by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) (the “FPS”) by way of ‘Insurance Scheme’ to provide fee protection to all our students. The instalment plan as per the scheme shall be clearly explained to the student. A copy of the certificate is available on our college website.
Information on Insurance Scheme:
  • BITC has engaged Liberty Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd for the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS). The validity period with Liberty Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd is from 01 January 2015 - 16 December 2016 (Policy No: FPS 011Y13)
  • Private Education Institution (PEI) will purchase insurance protection from any one of the Committee for Private Education (CPE) - appointed insurance companies for every one of their students to protect their fees.
  • For more information, please refer to the Master Certificate of Insurance and Master Insurance Policy.
  • *All fees refer to all monies that are paid by students to be enrolled in BITC except for miscellaneous fee.
  • GST is not inclusive as part of fees to be protected.
Stage 5: Student Orientation
BITC will provide the following facilities to studentss
College Orientation
  • Briefing about the college and its various policies
  • Briefing about BITC infrastructure
  • Disseminate and reiterate important course information and other information
  • Inform students of their rights this shall include internal and external grievance and dispute resolution procedures, fee protection scheme, reference to CPE’s official website
  • Inform studentss of BITC learner Code of Conduct, Course Transfer, Deferment, Withdrawal, Refund, Termination and Expulsion policies along with the conditions, criteria’s and procedures.
  • Provide details of the organization awarding the certificate (if and when applicable)
  • BITC student's ID will be given upon successful enrolment (for CPE registered courses)
Library Facilities and Study Areas
  • In order to give the students a motivating environment and help them get a holistic learning experience BITC would be providing library facilities and Study Areas to support our Learners’ learning process.
  • BITC would provide reference books on “baking” to the students for project work.
Wireless Internet Connection
  • BITC would provide Wireless Internet facility to the students for project work and group learning activity.
Financial Assistance
  • The college would support scholarships to the deserving students in order to encourage them to go further and perform better, thus upholding the Core Values of BITC.
Academic Competency Skills
  • The college would be conducting Continuous Education and Training (CET) on a range of baking skills, techniques, as these competency are key attributes that will be applicable to the work place.
Document Checklist for Local Learners
BITC - Student Registration Form
Recent two (2) colour passport-sized photographs of applicant.
Applicant’s Photocopy of Identity Card / NRIC / Passport (photocopy of both sides).
Applicant’s Certified True Copies of Academic Transcripts (e.g. “N” and/or “O” level results slip)
Applicant’s Certified True Copies of testimonials from school or employer.
Signed Letter of Acceptance
Signed Advisory Note to Students(Form 12)
Signed Student Contract.

BITC - Course Enrolment (Interview) Form (If Required)

BITC - Course Enrolment Declaration Form (If Required)
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