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Student Suspension, Termination and Expulsion Policy
1.      Suspension

Ø  The suspension of a student is based on the following grounds:

·    Continual Dishonesty and Misconduct

·    Disobedience

·    Aggressive Behavior

·    Misbehavior/Misconduct

·    Physical Violence

·    Possession of a Firearm, prohibited weapon or knife

·    Uses, supplies or in a possession of a suspected illegal substance

·    Engages in serious criminal behavior         

Ø  In cases where the student was found to violate the school’s rules and regulations or the student’s act happen to be within the stipulated grounds an initial meeting will be scheduled with the principal to discuss on the matter within 3 days after the incident happen.

Ø  Inform the student and his/her parent/guardian that a suspension is considered after the initial meeting (within 4 days after the incident happen).

Ø  The principal will conduct the process in a fair manner, so learner will be given an opportunity to be heard. The presence of the parents/guardian might be requested before the formal suspension is decided.

Ø  Once all sides are heard, the principal will send a formal letter to the student’s parents/guardians when a suspension is decided.

Ø   Suspension will be decided within 7 days upon the receipt of the formal allegations or after the incident happen.

Ø  Notification and letter will be provided to the student and parents/guardians upon suspension within 7 days stating the reasons, actions and the duration of the suspension as well as appropriate actions to be performed by the student within the suspension period.

Ø  The suspension period will be determined by the principal. The maximum suspension to be given might be one academic year (1 year) depending on the seriousness on the violation of school rules & regulations or student’s misconduct.

Ø   If the student is suspended, he/she is not allowed to stay within the school grounds or premises and the school will inform relevant parties and make necessary arrangements with the student.

Ø  All suspensions will be properly documented and recorded.  The school will update student's file and SMS accordingly.

2.      Termination/Expulsion

A student may be terminated or expelled from BITC under the following circumstances with Principal’s approval:

  • Violation of ICA rules & regulations
  • Student’s Pass holders who are caught working in Singapore will lead to expulsion and deportation.
  • Misconduct - fighting, gambling, smoking or behaving disorderly.
  • Defamation - spreading untruth and damaging remarks about the College, its staff, or fellow students which are deemed to be detrimental to the good name and reputation of the College.
  • Any kind of Vandalism, Mischief and/or theft
  • If the student is Unable to comply with “BITC Student Code of Conduct”
  • Students who are found to have participated in any wilful or negligent acts that result in damage, loss, theft or activities not befitting the good name of the College.
  • Cheating in examinations / tests -   Any form of plagiarism or cheating in tests and examinations may result in disciplinary action, not excluding expulsion from the course.
  • Attendance - Students who do not meet the attendance requirement as follows may result in expulsion.

Ø  International Students on Student Pass ≥ 90%

      Ø  Local Student or Non-Student Pass Holders ≥ 75%

3.     Upon Student's termination, Student contract will be terminated, the Fee Protection Scheme
     account will also be terminated and International student has to surrender the student pass
     immediately upon receiving the Course Suspension/Termination & Expulsion letter.
4.   No refund of the course fees will be made for students who have breached the


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