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Additional Student Support Services
Wireless Connection 
Students may set wireless connection within BITC by following the set up below:
1. Turn on Wireless and scan for wireless network
2. Select BITC Network
3. Click connect and wait for connection
International Learner Support
International students must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by Singapore Immigration Checkpoints and Authority (ICA) and BITC. International students are personally responsible for upholding as follows:-
1.You must attend the college for which you are authorized.
2.Keep your passport valid at all times. Any information changes on name; sponsor etc. must be reissued.
3.Check your travel documents to be certain they are in order before leaving Singapore.
4.Report a change of residence to our BITC Administration Office (for International Learner) support within 5 working days.
5.Be aware of the expiration date on your passport. Also know when your required date of departure.
6.Question concerning the above or any other international learner issue may be directed to our BITC Administration Office or by calling telephone number 62766337 and making an appointment.
Pre-Departure Information for International Learners
Before leaving your country to Singapore, kindly ensure that you have done the following:
1.  Completed
·         BITC Registration Form with Supporting Documents attached
·         PEI- Student Contract and Student Advisory Note
·         Fee Payment Receipt - Bank Related Counter File (If any / If required)
·         Return the signed - Letter of Acceptance
2.  Apply & Picked up
·         A valid Visa for entry into Singapore (kindly contact our friendly BITC Administration Office at for details on visa application)
·         A valid airline ticket to Singapore
3.  Ensure that you have
·         a valid passport for international travel with at least 6 months validity
·         bring along all original and Original translated and certified copies of your Academic Transcripts and Certificates
·         Confirmed all housing arrangements and that you have a place to stay upon arrival into Singapore (kindly contact our friendly BITC  Administration office at if you need help in accommodation).
·         Bring enough Singapore currency to cover the first few months of your stay in Singapore on arrival.
·         Pack your personal belongings (clothing / toiletries / medications etc.). Most things can be purchased in Singapore though, but if you require regular medication, do get an adequate initial supply and prescription from your doctor and bring any medical documentation you have.
·         As Singapore is generally humid and hot throughout the year, we will advise most Learners to be dressed in cotton clothing / T-shirts. Learners may want to bring some formal clothing for formal functions/presentations.
4.  Checklist of Things to Bring:
·         A passport (with at least 6 month’s validity) 
·         A photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport
·         Personal identification documents, such as Identity Card and Birth Certificate
·         BITC Letter of Acceptance
·         Form 16 – to be presented when collecting your Student Pass from ICA.
·         All original academic transcripts and certificates
·         At least 6 pieces of passport sized photographs (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
·         Confirmed letter/notification on your accommodation in Singapore (If any)
·         Clothing / toiletries / medications
·         Sufficient Cash for few months
Locker Rules and Regulations 
1. Locker Assignment
  • Students are required to make payment at the BITC Administration Office and show proof of their receipt to the Admin Asst. for locker assignment. The locker-fee (Non-refundable) is S$ 64.20 (Incl. 7% GST) for all the courses.
  • The management reserves the right to access and inspect the student’s locker. Students may be requested to be present during the inspection. See point 3 below.
2. Use of Locker
  • Lockers are rented based on a course program and on a first-come-first served basis.
  • Lockers are to store tool bag, uniform and personal belongings necessary for use at College. BITC lockers are not to be used to store items that may contravene with training purposes or prohibited by Singapore’s Law or BITC’s Rules & Regulations.
  • Lockers must be kept clean with no food left in lockers at all times.
  • The students are to return the locker upon completing the final module on the last day of their lesson. A penalty of S$1.00 (Incl. 7% GST) per day basis will be charged for late returning and result in withholding of transcript.
3. Authority to Inspect
  • BITC retains the right to inspect all lockers so as to ensure all lockers maintained are in accordance with the conditions of Rule #2 Use of Locker. The Principal, his designate may conduct inspections of student’s lockers as designated by the Principal from time to time when necessary.
4. Locker Cleaning
  • BITC general staff, at the direction of Admin staff shall clean lockers from time to time in accordance with a general housekeeping schedule.
5. Others
  • The management reserves the right to amend, cancel or remove the above rules and regulations. Please be informed that an amendment notice will be posted on the college notice board to notify the students, if necessary.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) provides information on getting around Singapore. Drop by any of the following Singapore Visitors Centres (SVC) for more information about the city, including bookings and trips at selected SVCs.
Junction of Cairnhill Road and Orchard Road
Tel: 1800-736-2000
Open daily 9.30am-10.30pm
Charge and Credit Cards
They are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops. Some taxi companies accept credit card – but book the taxi in advance so the driver can get the machine ready.
Drinking Water
Water in Singapore is clean and safe enough to drink from tap.
The voltage here is 220-240 AC, 50 Hertz. Ask your hotel/landlord if you need a transformer to convert it to 110-120 AC, 60 Hertz.
Lost Passport/Singapore Immigration
Services - You have lost your passport. The first thing you need to do is make a police report; then head to Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at 10 Kallang Road, tel: 6391-6100 to get a temporary visa. Finally, inform your embassy so you can get through customs when you reach home.
Lost/Stolen Property
Call the Tanglin Police Station (21 Kampong Java Road, tel: 6391-0000) to report your loss. Replace your credit card by calling your credit card company.
Reference Library Services
BITC offers all learners the special privilege to enjoy free access to Reference library services
Hours of Operation 
Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm 
Saturday, Sunday / Public Holiday Closed
Removing any materials which may not be borrowed from the library or defacing materials will result in disciplinary action.
Photocopying of library books is not encouraged.
Pastoral Care
To provide dedicated pastoral care by our Welfare Officer:
Provide personal and emotional support to our students, especially to help them cope with stress relating to a new environment in Singapore, local culture or academic matters.
Our contact Tel: 63363462
Job Availability Services
As part of post course studnet support BITC graduates are provided job availabilities by BITC partners. Such Job postings are also prominently displayed at the main college notice board.
Learner’s Orientation
All new students are required to attend Student’s Orientation on the first day of class. The orientation is for you to get acquainted with BITC’s policies and pertinent bakery information and to meet the Chef-Instructors and your classmates.




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