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Examination Result Appeal
There are two types of examinations appeals namely external examination appeal and internal exam appeal.
External Courses - Examination / Assessment
Different external education partners have different set of appeal procedures.
Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
1.   Candidates may appeal to review their module results if they have a reasons to believe that the module grade awarded for a particular module should have been better. Appeals must be made before the closing date shown on the Statement of Results. Late appeals will not be entertained.
2.   Appeals must be made on prescribed forms with payment at any of the ITE Customer Service Centres. If the appeal results in a change of the module grade, the deposit will be refunded.
3.   Candidates will be informed in writing of ITE’s decision on the appeal. The decision of the ITE for the appeal is final.
Click here for the Prescribed Appeal Form for ITE   
Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)  
1. All candidates have the right to appeal in the event if the decision by the Assessor was
    not agreeable by any particular candidate within 3 (three) working days.
2. If both parties agree on the final outcome, the Assessor and the candidate would be
    required to sign the WSQ Appeal for Application Form.
3. Alternatively, if the candidate disagrees with the comments awarded the candidate has
    the right to lodge for an appeal to be re-dressed.
4. An Appeal Fee of $50 (w/o GST) would be charged.
5. The Internal Assessment Appeal Panel (IAAP) would revert to the candidate by 14
    (fourteen) working days.
6. There must be sufficient information and evidence provided by both the Assessor and
7. Members of the IAAP would need to produce on record the actions, findings and
    recommendations as necessary.
8. Examination/Assessment Board endorses the final decision for all appeals before appeal results are
    released to the learners.
9. The decision is final from the Examination/Assessment Board.
Internal Courses - Examination / Assessment
This is applicable to BITC courses such as Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts, Certificate of Proficiency in Baking and Certificate in Asian Pastry Making.
1.   Candidates may appeal to review their BITC examination / assessment result by submitting the Appeal Form with a deposit of S$53.50 to the BITC Administration Office within 14 working days after the result is released. Late appeals will not be entertained.
2.   The BITC Examination/Assessment Board will review the appeal. Candidates will be informed in writing of the decision on the appeal within 30 working days after receiving the Appeal Form. The decision of BITC Examination/Assessment Board for the appeal is final.
3.   The deposit will be refunded to candidates if there is a change of result.
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