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Health Service Insurance (Medical Insurance)

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All registered Students attending BITC courses are covered by Medical Insurance plan - Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance. 
Baking Industry Training College (BITC), has a compulsory medical insurance scheme which is required for the duration of your course.
Unlike local students (Singaporean citizens, permanent residents and non-student-pass International students) international students may not opt out of this scheme.
If you are local students with existing medical insurance coverage in Singapore, you may choose to opt out of the compulsory medical insurance scheme. 
The medical insurance plan shall provide the following as required by CPE under EduTrust certification scheme:
  • annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student;
  • at least B1 wards / 4 - bedder in Singapore Government / Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals (all students); and
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration
The insurer is AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd.The validity period with AXA Insurance Singpaore Pte Ltd is from 01 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 (Group Medical Insurance Certificate)

Students who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents and International Students holding passes other than the Student’s Pass holders, may opt out the medical insurance plan if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan. 
A copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate is required to be submited to the BITC Administration Office.
For detailed information, please refer to the below documents:
For more information on EduTrust Certification Scheme please visit the CPE website 
Updated on 04 July 2017


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