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Other Important Information

Other Important Information

For the application of Student's Pass, an applicant must be accepted into a full-time course. An applicant who wishes to take up part-time course or course conducted in the evening or weekend will NOT be eligible for Student's Pass.
All original documents must be presented for verification when collecting Student's Passes. Official translation of the documents is required if they are not in the English language.
Ensure all forms are duly signed and completed by applicant and the school. No part of the form should be left blank or not completed. If any section or part of the form is not applicable, it should be filled as 'Nil' or 'Not applicable (N.A.)'. Applications with incomplete forms or documents will NOT be accepted for processing.
Applicant needs to call in person with a valid immigration pass to collect the Student's Pass only after the application has been approved. Student's Pass will only be issued if the conditions as stipulated in the In-Principle Approval letter are fulfilled.
The student shall not enter or be retained as a student in any other school(s) or course(s) other than that indicated on the Student's Pass.
If  new applicants did not receive their acknowledgement Card after 1 week from the date they submit their Student's Pass applications, they can call ICA at telephone number (65) 63916100 to enquire on the status of the applications.
Information and applications forms on Student's Pass application are available from the ICA website at

Important Information for Learners

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