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1) What is Friends of BITC?
BITC membership card holders provide past and existing BITC students with various discount privileges, event activities and networking opportunities for your success in career path and business.
2) Who can apply for the membership?
BITC past and existing learners are eligible to apply for the membership.
3) What are the benefits and privileges I can look forward to being the Friends of BITC member?
As a Friends of BITC, you enjoy special rates for further study BITC courses, workshop and seminar, as well as discount privileges from participating business merchants. You will also be updated with the latest events / activities at BITC through our e-announcement and Website. Click here to view the full listing of Friends of BITC membership privileges.
4) How do I apply for the membership?
To apply for membership, Click here
5) Do I need to renew my membership?
This is a lifetime membership granted to the applicants. Members do not need to renew their membership.
6) How long do I have to wait for the cards to be ready?
The membership card will be sent out within 7 working days.
7) If I am an international student / foreigner, am I eligible to apply for the membership?
Yes, all international students / foreigners are eligible for the membership.
8) When do I need to present my membership card?
You are required to present your membership card at all times to enjoy discount privileges, special course fee rebate and attend special event, activities and seminars at a special rates organized by BITC.
9) What if my membership card is damaged, lost or stolen?
You are required to fill in the membership replacement form for new card. Each card is replaceable for a fee of S$10.00nett.
10) How do I receive BITC membership latest happening / events?
You will be updated of BITC membership latest happening / events via our e-announcement or you can Click here.
11) Can I attend the BITC courses / events / seminars if I do not sign up for membership?
Yes, you mat attend the courses and events if you are not Friends of BITC member. However, you will not enjoy the special rates offered only to Friends of BITC members.
12) What are the general terms and conditions of membership card?
  • This membership card entitles BITC Alumni members to enjoy all rebate, discount and special promotion offer by BITC and the participating business merchants.
  • The card may not be used in conjunction with other in-house rebate, discount and promotion and course voucher issued by BITC.
  • This card is not transferable and must be presented to enjoy privileges offered.
  • BITC has the right to amend / modify or cancel the terms and conditions and privileges associated with this card without prior notice and at any time.
13) Where can I go / who can I contact if I have any enquiries regarding my membership matter after I have become a member?
For any enquiries, please contact BITC Student Administrative Office at +65 63363462 or email to
14) If I am interested in courses conducted by BITC, where can I enquire?
For any education / training enquiries, you can email to or call +65 63363462 to talk to our course consultants.


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