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Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd Scholarships for Local Students (For Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residence)
To promote recognition and support of prospective adult learners for BITC's bakery training program. We are pleased to announce the scholarships to attend the Certificate of Proficiency in Baking - Bread, Cake and Pastry making modules.
Outstanding performance scholarship recipients will be given priority to further progress in the Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts.
1) This scholarship is open to all Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residence.
2) Applicants with household income per capital or less than S$1,200.00 are encouraged
    to apply.
3) Applicants must have at least 90% attendance to satisfy the validity of the scholarship.
4) The scholarship is awarded based on individual merits and overall learning attitude.
5) Spoken and written in English.
6) Mastery of Soft-skills.
Scholarship Guidelines
1) The application form must be completed and attached with a recent passport size photograph. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
2) All applicants are required to submit their completed application form together with all required supporting documents in good order at least five (5) working weeks before the course commencement date.
Scholarship recipients will
1) Receive one non-transferable scholarship to attend Certificate of Proficiency in Baking.
2) Scholarship recipients with outstanding performance in the Certificate of Proficiency in Baking will be given scholarship priority to further the study of Diploma In Baking & Pastry Arts subject to the  decision of BITC Academic Board.
3) Receive support and sponsorship on text books, tool bags, uniforms, examination fee and registration fee, where applicable.
4) Bear all other expenses on meals and transportation.
* In the event if the applicants has failed in any of the relevant modules and would need to repeat the module. The applicant will be held responsible for ALL fees.
** The Management of BITC reserves the right to amend any of the guidelines or disqualify any application without prior notice.
To Apply
Please download by click on the APPLICATION FORM and return the completed form and all supportive documents.
Further Information
Interested applicants who require further information may contact:
Hotline: +65 6276 6337


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