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Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

BITC is licensed by the ITE Education Services,Singapore
 to conduct

the Nitec in Services in Pastry & Baking (


 Singapore Workforce Development Agency

 Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

BITC is accredited by the WDA, Singapore to conduct the WSQ Higher Certificate in Pastry

and Bakery.



Singapore Bakery Association (SBCTA)

SBCTA has progressed with time and the Association has brought this trade in line

with modern time. Over the years, our industry has developed a strong shop front

retailing and internet retailing emphasis as well as upholding a good reputation for

delicious and hygienic products and quality services. 

BITC is a member of the SBCTA.

Registered PEI: Baking Industry Training College
CPE Registration No.: 201020944E
Registration Period: 7 March 2017 to 6 March 2021
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