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A baking qualification from Baking Industry Training College (BITC) leads to varied career pathways for those who want to establish themselves in the growing food industry as bakery and pastry chefs.
Bakery chef may specialise in below areas;
« Patisserie work
Able to produce an array of sweet & savoury pastries, range of tarts, pies & cookies including a variety of cakes & gateaux
« Cake decorations
Develop an artistic flair & skills in piping designs such as shells, scrolls work, drop lace work using a variety of piping media such as royal icing, butter cream or whipped cream. Master essential techniques & skills in sugar paste, gum paste flower making, and modelling figurines
« Artisan Breads
Able to produce an array of bread dough ranging from Asian enriched buns to continental breads hand molded crusty type bread, kneaded to perfection and baked on the oven hearth
« Confectionery
A range of sweets such as jelly bon bons, petite fours, truffles & chocolate pralines with fillings
« Advanced processing technology
Research & Development in areas of Baking Science & Technology specialisation
Career Progression as Bakery Chefs
Bakers with good qualifications and experience can progress to management or ownership positions in the food and hospitality industry. Those who have gained a baking qualification also have the opportunities to work in related industries.  There are numerous career possibilities in the broader food industry namely: -
« Specialist technical advisors
Technical laboratory support personnel with the qualification as Baking Technologist
« Chef - instructors
An Approved Industry Trainer or Qualified Adult Educator with the skills, knowledge & industrial experience to teach & impart technical trade skills to an Adult Learner
« Food researchers, writers & editors
Mainly Food Critic, invited to comment or pass judgment on a finished cooked or baked product, and play an active role in educating public audience on the history of different food culture, encompassing on knowledge and providing constructive opinions on food quality from a non-biased industrial & professional perspective
« Caterers
Service providers of variety of cooked food & desserts for private & corporate functions, themed parties, cocktail & private gatherings complete with table setting
« Food stylists
Render specialised services in the area of Food Art & Styling, mainly for food magazines, posters, bill boards & social media
« Plant supervisors
Key person in charge of the production line in a plant e.g. bakery, cookies, doughnut plants
« Test bakery or laboratory technicians
Technical laboratory support personnel with the qualification as a Baking Technologist
« Sales representatives
Role & responsibility lies mainly in areas of generating sales through tele-marketing, visiting customers, demo-sales and different channels of social media
« Merchandisers
Roles & responsibility lies in the area of sales in retail, forecasting food trends in the F&B industry and shaping a range of products that will appeal to the domestic and/or international markets
« Product Managers
Focus on range of specialised products, and areas of concern may range from raw material selection, production methodology to finishing of an end product
BEGIN your journey with BITC Certificate and Diploma programs where our professional chef instructors will equip you with a solid set of skills and knowledge through our intensive training focusing on both practical and technical aspects of baking.

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