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To promote greater environmental awareness and positive actions for the environment through offering suggestions on how to make a difference to both on and away from the training college. We seek support from all staff, learners and colleagues who would like to make practical attempts to minimize the damage on planet earth.

BITC Go Green has engaged in everything from reduce, reuse and recycle. To reduce energy consumption, conserve natural resources on a daily basis and cause staff productivity.  

Go Green Initiatives @ BITC Go Green awareness campaign in BITC starts with our staff and learners. Visitors can find these initiatives around BITC. Some examples are as follows:  

1.      Recycle bins for paper and cans are placed in the college to promote a clean and green living environment.
2.   Go Green Posters are placed in the college foyer to create awareness and to continually educate our stakeholders and learners.
3.        The message “Let’s go green … think before you print” is included in all emails to create awareness not only within the training college but also to circulate the message to BITC’s partners.
4.    Saving of light and heat energy sign such as “switch off the light after use” are placed in strategic position in the school. This is to create awareness. All this allows us to take the lead in our effort and action for the environment.
5.   BITC Staffs are encouraged to use scrap paper (if possible) to use for draft document.
6.        Learners and Staffs are encouraged to bring Non-woven fabric bags and reduced the use of plastic bags to pack the  bakery productions.
7.        Learners’ informed on oven pool to save energy in our labs.
8.        Purchase of more durable divider such as plastic folders instead of paper folders.
9.        Use refillable items such as mechanical pencils and refillable pens.
10.    Paste notices on BITC main notice board where possible to reduce  making copies or photocopying.
11.    Save and reuse envelope for all internal mails.
Registered PEI: Baking Industry Training College
CPE Registration No.: 201020944E
Registration Period: 7 March 2017 to 6 March 2021
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